What’s required?: GRV seeking participants views on Industry Education and Training

August 3, 2016 Comments Off

By Greyhound Racing Victoria

Registrations are now open for this Saturday’s Stakeholder Engagement Workshop on ‘Industry Education and Training Requirements’, to be held at the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club, 10am-2pm.
Click HERE to register before 12pm this Friday

This is a fascinating and critical topic that will relate to the educational requirements for current and new participants across all sectors of the sport including breeding, educating, training and owning greyhounds.

A panel of three has been assembled, comprising the following people:

ROBERT BRITTON (Group 1 winning trainer)
LEEANNE CRAWFORD (Group 1 winning breeder)
BARBARA BACKHOY (experienced greyhound veterinarian)

Workshop Objective:

To explore what the major training needs Read full article

Source:: http://www.grv.org.au/news/2016/08/03/required-grv-seeks-participants-views-education-training/

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