Star-spangled Shepparton

June 15, 2020 Comments Off
Star-spangled Shepparton

By Peter Quilty

Tallygaroopna greyhound racing stalwarts Theo and Fay Van Taarling have spent a virtual lifetime in the sport.

According to Theo, 66, the husband-and-wife team started training in 1974, prior to a 15-year break to raise three children, and then resumed their greyhound racing passion in the early 1990s.

Tonight, the Van Taarlings will rug four runners at ‘home track’ Shepparton and will be a part of Australian greyhound history when their greyhounds’ races are beamed live into the US.

“As far as our best chance is concerned, I think it’s a toss of the coin between Twilight Flame and Shock Value,” Theo said.

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