Selkrig’s ‘staggering’ plan

April 15, 2020 Comments Off
Selkrig’s ‘staggering’ plan

By Peter Quilty

Devon Meadows owner-trainer Garry Selkrig has a ‘staggering’ plan with prolific winner Peter Galo.

Selkrig is targeting Peter Galo towards the Victorian record of 64 wins – ironically held by his ‘uncle’, Stagger.

When asked by GRV’s Molly Haines on RSN’s ‘Off The Leash’ if he’d tackle Stagger’s mark, Selkrig said: “I don’t think we’ll get there, but we can try… Who knows if I keep him up at Healesville and places like that.”

And when asked what Peter Galo means to him, Selkrig said: “He’s a beauty, a pleasure to train.”

A real character of the sport, Selkrig also quipped: “He brings food Read full article


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