‘Prima’ Ballerina

August 15, 2020 Comments Off

By Peter Quilty

Make no mistake… Star Ballerina is “adorable and a cutey”. But when it comes to racing, it’s fair to say she’s no ‘principal dancer’.

However, she’s now ‘pirouetting’ in the right direction. And her young trainer, Loren Dalziel, 33, says it’s all thanks to coursing.

“I put her improved form down to coursing… She was a bit timid and would pull back if another runner ranged alongside her in circle races,” Dalziel said.

“But taking her coursing, where there’s only a ‘two-dog’ field, has made the world of difference… It’s given her confidence and has switched her on 100 per cent.”

Dalziel quit her Read full article

Source:: https://www.grv.org.au/news/2020/08/15/prima-ballerina/

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