Now THAT’S a litter…

April 21, 2020 Comments Off
Now THAT’S a litter…

By Greyhound Racing Victoria

So right now many of us are coping with the kids at home. Suddenly you’re the parent, teacher, everything. How many could you handle?

Imagine having 15 of the little tykes running around.

Spare a thought for Tracey Salter and her bitch Eminence (known at home as Tiggy), who has just graced the world with a litter that may very well be a record: 15 pups – seven girls and eight boys – and all survived.

Tracey’s not holding back with her excitement. “People keep telling me it’s a record!”

“It was a really difficult process. The vet’s amazed Tiggy made it through. She Read full article


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