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By Peter Quilty

Life’s lessons learned in racing have moulded Robert Camilleri as a man – and a greyhound trainer.

He’s received many pearls of wisdom from luminaries in his chosen sport and profession. And, surprisingly, the thoroughbred and harness codes.

“My father, Ricky, was a jockey and he loved all racing animals,” Camilleri said. “He actually was Malta’s leading hoop for many years, and was invited to ride for the Queen.”

Camilleri added that, as a teenager, the family couldn’t afford to buy a racehorse, so they “got the next best thing” – a greyhound.

“Later, I ran a refrigerated meat business with a mate, and Read full article

Source:: https://www.grv.org.au/news/2020/01/10/hammer-time/

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