Guess who’s back tonight at Cranbourne?

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Guess who’s back tonight at Cranbourne?

By Molly Haines

terry and jes

Let’s narrow it down…

He is the King of Gippsland.

A son of College Causeway.

A winner of a Traralgon Cup.

A competitor of 100 starts.

And a winner of more than $400,000 in prize money.

Have you guessed yet? If not, I am, of course, talking about Jesualenko.

Believe it or not, Jesaulenko was bored with life on the couch, eating packet upon packet of Kingston biscuits.

He would also get rather upset when his former kennel mates would go on the walking machine, or even worse, go to the races.

After a month of being back in work, the all clear from greyhound Read full article


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