Good Deeds Day?

April 15, 2020 Comments Off
Good Deeds Day?

By Peter Quilty

Retired Koroit bricklayer Garry Anders is building a foundation with his giveaway brood matron, Mepunga Lana.

Anders was gifted Mepunga Lana by legendary Mepunga East greyhound breeder, Barry Smith.

“We’ve built a close friendship… I talk to Barry every second day,” Anders said.

Anders is hoping two of her progeny produce ‘good deeds’ at Warrnambool tonight.

He has 97-start veteran Wilbur Deeds (Race 10, Box 6 – 7.37pm) and his younger half-sister Beaut Deeds (Race 11, Box 7 – 7.52pm) engaged on the program.

“He (Wilbur Deeds) is my favourite greyhound… He’s rising five-years-old but is as good as he’s ever been,” Anders said. “He’s Read full article


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