Fothergill’s Fozz brothers

July 4, 2019 Comments Off
Fothergill’s Fozz brothers

By Molly Haines

Could Brian Fothergill be hiding the next Coursing star in his kennels?

Maybe the next Better Than This? Two-time Waterloo Cup Champion, of course.

Well, Brian told me I was getting ahead of myself when I put the comparison of Barracuda Fozz and Better Than This to him.

But in my defence, much like Better Than This, Barracuda Fozz hasn’t taken to circle racing like he has coursing.

Barracuda Fozz has had three coursing outings. His first at Benalla saw him win the Dailly Greyhound Farms Dog Puppy Classic in April this year.

In May, Barracuda Fozz was runner up in the Brooke and Jamie Read full article


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