Double arm lure set for roll out

November 6, 2019 Comments Off

By grvnews

New double lure arms will be operational at all Victorian tracks except Geelong by the end of November.

Start dates for remaining clubs to transition to the double lure are as follows:

  • Ballarat – Wednesday, 13 November
  • Healesville – Friday, 15 November
  • Sale – Friday, 15 November
  • Shepparton – Monday, 18 November
  • Horsham – Tuesday, 19 November
  • Warrnambool – Thursday, 21 November

The move to the two-arm lure followed a recommendation from the University of Technology Sydney combined with industry feedback that the double lure arm version trialled at The Meadows, Bendigo and Cranbourne had greyhounds more engaged throughout their races.

The transition to the two-lure arm began at Read full article


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