Devere dynasty

March 6, 2020 Comments Off

By Peter Quilty

Desiree Devere is continuing a greyhound dynasty which had its genesis in 2008.

It was established by Daniel Pell and his mother, Bev, when they bought Desiree Devere’s grandmother – Bubbles Devere – as a three-month-old pup.

And Desiree Devere will be racing in memory of Bubbles Devere in the Shepparton Matchmakers final (450m) on Saturday night.

Both are named after characters from cult British sketch comedy Little Britain, but Bubbles Devere, who became a family pet, passed away unexpectedly on her couch last week aged 12.

“It was devastating as she meant the world to us,” Pell said. “Once she moved inside the Read full article


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