Barracuda the Puppy Champion

July 9, 2019 Comments Off
Barracuda the Puppy Champion

By Molly Haines

From giveaway to feature race success, Barracuda Fozz excelled on Sunday at Lang Lang as promised in the $3695 to-the-winner Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship.

Barracuda Fozz defeated his litter brother Barramundi Fozz to win his second coursing feature event by three lengths.

Making full use of the bye in the second round, Barracuda Fozz was able to pull out best of the day courses for the second week running.

“Jimmy Auld gave me the dogs at 14 months old because they weren’t chasing,” trainer Brian Fothergill said.

“Jimmy also knows that I enjoy taking the dogs coursing.”

It’s no wonder Brian is smiling from ear-to-ear Read full article


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